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Staying Healthy and Happy this Autumn

The cooler days and longer nights of autumn have transitioned from the bright, busy days of summer. The natural world is getting ready for the cold months ahead and our bodies are adapting to the changing seasons.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tells us that we are all part of the natural world and its rhythms. As the harvest season settles in, you may find yourself looking inward, reflecting on your life and preparing for the winter in your own way.

In TCM, each season corresponds to a specific Organ System. For example, during the autumn, the Lungs are at their most active point and are susceptible to both positive and negative influences. The Lungs, often referred to as “the delicate protective organ” because of their direct contact with the environment, perform the important function of extracting Qi (“vital energy”) from the air we breathe.

Another important function of the Lungs is to produce Wei Qi. Wei Qi is similar to the Western concept of the immune system and protects the body against harmful external factors.

When the Lungs are strong and balanced, we’re generally able to stay healthy and avoid illness. However, if the Lungs are out of balance, we become more likely to suffer from conditions such as colds, flu, asthma, allergies and other respiratory concerns.


WARM UP:   Protect yourself against the wind and cold. Nourish your body by eating more warm, cooked foods.

COVER UP:  Weather can change quickly this time of year.  Layering clothing or having an extra sweater will help keep your body warm and at the right temperature in order to stay healthy. Have you ever noticed when you first start to catch a cold, you have a stiff neck followed by aches and pains and even fatigue? The back of your neck is vulnerable to Wind, and when your pores are open up,  Wind can get into your body where it doesn’t belong thus causing your body to be more vulnerable to colds! Wearing a scarf can help prevent colds and keep you snug in the winter months.

FOCUS ON EMOTIONS:   Try to let go of negative feelings such as grief and sadness. These can strongly affect your body’s overall balance in this season, and those to come.

BREATHE DEEP:   Try breathing exercises daily to keep the Lungs healthy. I can recommend and teach you specific exercises and self-care techniques in order to keep you functioning optimally.

SEEK PREVENTIVE CARE:   Schedule an appointment with me for a “seasonal tune-up” that is designed to strengthen your Wei Qi and help you maintain balance throughout the seasons to come.

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